I want to thank all of you Contractors for visiting our site . Having been a General contractor for close to 24 years I have seen the need for specialty contractors and General contractors to have a place where they can meet. General contractors like myself are always looking for good licensed subcontractors to bid their work . Specialty contractors are always open to bidding new work from General contractors . At EZcontracters.com we welcome Generals contractors and all specialty contractors to register on the site for free during the launch period . We are looking to obtain enough registered users so the site will be a valuable site for contractors to use . There will be no commissions or fees to bid or post jobs . There will only be a $200 annual registration fee to access the site and you can bid or post as many jobs as you would like . If We will be promoting the site in Southern California for the first year so we can be sure most of the bugs are fixed on the site then we will be expanidng nation wide . If you have any comments or ideas to improve the site please feel free to email us at the addresses below . Thank you in advance for being patient as we work to obtain more registers users to help you as a contractor to improve your business . BobEZcontracters@gmail.com OcEZcontracters@gmail.com